Who is layla manoochehri dating now

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Then we felt sorry for him when he chose the wrong girl – Carianne Barrow.

He shares a 20-year-old daughter Alanah with ex-girlfriend Nicola Jones.

At 29, he seems inexperienced and, for the past few years, he’s been concentrating on how to be a good father – dating etiquette has passed him by.

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But not only did the relationship collapse, it was reported he ended it on Valentine’s Day this year.

Simon, who soared to fame in Blue in 2000, was clearly feeling extremely romantic as he popped the question to his girlfriend who delightedly revealed she said yes.

We saw a side of Gavin on TV dating show The Bachelor last autumn we hadn’t seen before – the nurturer.

Whenever I was feeling strongly for a girl they’d say, “Yes, she’s amazing.” I went into the show 100 per cent knowing that was likely to go on.’ At the end of the Channel 5 series, Gavin told Carianne she was The One and that he loved her.

‘That’s when it came to a head, on Valentine’s night,’ he says.

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