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Today it is used for small receptions teas and for serving pre-dinner cocktails to White House guests.

With its intimate size and classic, tasteful furnishings it is one of the home's more popular rooms.

Part II of the tour includes the Grand Foyer, State Dining Room, Green Room, Red Room, Blue Room, Palm Room, Diplomatic Reception Room, East Room, the Gingerbread White House and more.

You can also read more about Christmas at the White House at our I-Heart-HGTV blog.

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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt used the Red Room to host press conferences for women reporters who, at that time, were excluded from the President's press conferences.

The Grand Foyer serves as the setting this year for a display bearing the theme "The Gift of Reflection." Shiny columns, stacked gifts in silver wrapping and the mirrored ornaments in the trees and garlands, are symbols reflections of hope and gratitude.

Portraits of recent presidents are hung in the Entrance and Cross Hall including the one seen here — Jimmy Carter, by artist Herbert E.

What is now the Green Room was originally intended by White House architect James Hoban as a "Common Dining Room." During early presidential administrations it served a number of purposes including first as a "lodging room".

During the Jefferson administration it was used as a dining room and later, during the Monroe administration, as a card room.

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